Stock market is the heart of financial world and it provides immense opportunities. It is a package of career which aids to become Professional Trader, Investor, Chartist, Advisor, Portfolio Manager, Hedgefund Manager etc.

Our various modules caters to the needs of all ranging from freshers to professionals .


    • Vocabulary of stock market
    • Online trading on software
    • Fundamental analysis based on Balance sheet, Profit and loss statement and ratio analysis
    • Screening of fundament ally strong stocks
    • Projecting target bared on valuations
    • Peer comparison
    • Understanding Business of companies
    • Understanding of derivative market
    • Economic analysis
    • 25 mistakes to avoid in stock market.

    Major market players always takes Advantage of volatility as well as consolidation phase and switch their position from cash to futures or futures to option.

    As an expert trader after learning technical analysis one can take Advantage of market condition by trading in options market. Option trading requires great skill to and is not simple as cash trading I t requires deep skillful study of charts, Open interest analysis & Understanding of different parameters acting on Premium. If these is done perfectly one can earn huge return with minimum investment & minimum risk

    • 21 strategies
    • Put call ratio
    • Volatility
    • Application of strategies in live market
    • Understanding cost of carry, implied volatility, Rollover
  • STOCK MASTER-5 (NISM Modules)

    We provide training & practice sessions of different modules

    • Capital Market (Dealer)
    • Derivative Market (Dealer)
    • Depository Operation Module
    • Commodity Market
    • Currency Market
    • Option Strategies Module
  • STOCK MASTER-6(Chartered Market Technician Exam)

    It is a certification process in which candidates are required to demonstrate proficiency in broad range of technical analysis subjects. It is administered by MTA (Market Technician Association) USA. It consist of 3 levels. CMT Level 1 and 2 are multiple choice exam while CMT 3 is in essay form.

    • This exam is taken by USA
    • It opens doors to many high end opportunities in India as well as in USA in the field of stock market
    • It is highest level exam of technical analysis
    • We provide in-depth training to clear all this levels
    • Membership of MTA provides chance to become member of ATMA - Association of Market Technical Association India which provides placement, library and networking opportunities.
  • STOCK MASTER-7 (Virtual Classroom)

    We provide training of all modules through SKYPE to help you learn from your place if you are not from Rajkot(Gujarat,India).